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Final Boss has returned to Aion.
We have returned to Aion and taking on a casual PVP focused focus on the game. We are a small group who roams solo/pairs/small groups to engage in owPVP, and participates in fort sieges and PVP instances daily.

We are planning to also try out Elder Scrolls Online, Archeage and Blade & Soul at release.

Read about our history and application information here.

Lainey / Apr 25, 2012

During Open Beta we came out strong with a 6:0 winning streak against Spartan Legion, Coven Nex, World Boss, Internet Tuff Guys, Flawless and Warriorpoets.

We never had to declare war on any guild as we seemed to be a popular choice to war with! At one point we were at war with 5 guilds all at once.

We are looking forward to more pvp fun at headstart and see you there.